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Financing & Credit

Lease-to-Own Financing Program

North Star Leasing

North Star Leasing Company is the financing partner for ACES, LLC. North Star offers lease-
to-own financing programs to help you with your equipment purchases. North Star is an
alternative option to bank loans and credit cards.

North Star can be competitive in the “A” credit space, but also work with startups and challenged credit. North Star can finance new purchases and they can even reimburse customers for past purchases with what’s called a “leaseback.”

If you think they can be of help, click the link, or call them directly.

North Star Leasing Company offers:

  • Financing on all types of new/used equipment
  • Lease-to-own with a $1 buyout
  • Flexible terms (monthly and annual)
  • Personal attention and communication
  • Fast and educated credit decisions
  • No penalty for early payoff
  • Preservation of personal credit
  • Potential tax write-off benefits
  • Quick and easy online contracts

Apply here